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Books and Gardens - Kurtiak & Ley

Books and Gardens


English Limited Edition

Combines the noble bibliophile tradition, luxury craftsmanship with the latest technologies.


We would like to introduce you to Books & Gardens, a personal album by Kurtiak and Ley Publishing House, which is located in a historic palace surrounded by old greenery.
It shows how we brought the historic building back to life, and how we shaped the garden arrangements over 25 years. Comparative photos show the same locations before the planting began and the current state.
This album tells the story of what plants mean to us as our immediate environment, but also as a creative inspiration. This is because we use floral motifs to decorate the bindings of our books using artistic bookbinding techniques.
In this book, we used augmented reality as a bookbinding decoration technique for the first time. In the video from the Books & Gardens AR application, we point out the synergy of the plant world and bees, which have a unique significance for humanity.

Books & Gardens – presentation of augmented reality

An English-language collection of the most interesting and meaningful aphorisms about gardens, supplemented by photographs of the garden of Kurtiak and Ley Publishing House and photos of our publications having floral themes.

The Books & Gardens was published on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the Oxford Botanical Gardens.


An artistic edition of <em>Books &amp; Gardens</em>

An artistic edition of Books & Gardens

Rozszerzona rzeczywistość dostępna w książce Books & Gardens

Augmented reality available at Books & Gardens

Books & Gardens is gaining a completely new dimension with a mobile application using augmented reality to experience the unprecedented sensation of bringing the cover to life with spatial animation.

Pokaz możliwości rozszerzonej rzeczywistości w książce Books & Gardens

A demonstration of augmented reality capabilities at Books & Gardens

Książka Books & Gardens ręcznie oprawiona w skórę

Books & Gardens hand-bound in leather

Piękna książka Books & Gardens

Books & Gardens book with beautiful photos