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Business Presents - Kurtiak & Ley

How do we maintain existing customers and win new ones?

We do this by providing them with special gifts. Good presents create loyalty, which gives rise to stronger, closer, and warmer relationships and it must not be easily consumed.

What is the best present to choose?

Exclusive artistic books in special bibliophile editions would be best to give as presents for potential and existing clients. One must be able to obtain pleasure and prestige from it. Such exclusive artistic books are durable and tangible. They act as a reminder to the clients of the firms in question. Any client in possession of such a book will proudly show them to others as such obtaining prestige and promoting the firms at the same time.

The value of such exclusive books rises with time. It’s a paradox that artistic and exclusive books which are precious, easily become well known despite the fact that they are published in limited editions

We prepare special edition for various firms and we also offer the possibility of preparing each copy of that edition unique. This is done by choosing and proposing special subjects that have to do with the specialties, activities and interest of the given firm. These firms may appear as co-publishers in the I S B N (International System Book Number) if they wish. The initials or full names of the receiver can be embossed on the cover of the book. This helps to personalize the present, which creates a very powerful positive effect on the receiver. The receiver can be proud that he possesses a book, which is unique and is the only copy in the world as well.

Firms, which order such artistic presents and take part in the publishing process create a very good image for themselves. That is to say they express themselves as firms interested in cultural and artistic work. It also shows their intellect and interest in the well being of their clients.







Create a good image and promote your business now by ordering exclusive artistic books in special edition. Go for it now!