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Collector's Book Gallery Stage II: the Design - Kurtiak & Ley

Collector’s Book Gallery Stage II: the Design

The Design of the Collector’s Book Gallery

We are now presenting the design of the Collector’s Book Gallery. Next time you will see realisation of our plan. We’ll see where it goes.

Collector's Book Gallery Marszalkowska 62 Warsaw


Will it in fact be the first Collector’s Book Gallery in the world? Will it be different than antiquarian bookshops which operate in most countries?


In our Gallery we offer books which are new, were issued on artistic papers and leather hand-bound by artists. All the copies are limited editions, numbered and never republished i.e. collector’s editions. Characteristic of our books is typographic craftsmanship as well as illustrations made with creative art techniques, including various graphic techniques.

Some antiquarian bookshops also offer leather-bound books. However, these are usually antiquarian copies issued many years ago. It happens that these books are fungous, which is dangerous for other books as well as for our health. In our Gallery books are new, microbiologically clean and safe for our health.

Our clients consider our books as an alternative capital investment. At the same time they are a tasteful element of interior design, which creates an inimitable atmosphere. Also, our clients purchase books by Kurtiak & Ley as exquisite presents for others as well as for themselves, because they know they are worth it.

We would be grateful for a word of appreciation, because Collector’s Book Gallery is a great challenge for us.

Urszula Kurtiak and Edward Ley