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Gräf Marion „Liebodrom” - Kurtiak & Ley

Gräf Marion, Liebodrom

First edition
Collector’s edition
Unique books – everyone is different
Leather, silk, artistic or collage paper.
Different forms and sizes
German language edition
Produced on demand

The debut book of the German poetess was issued on request of Kevin Patrick’s Publishing House Mundtot in Germany. The collection of poems is divided into four sections, corresponding to the successive stages of a woman’s life.
Up to 17 different unique editions of the volume has been published in German language by highly skilled bookbinders! Some of which are triangular in shape, in notebook form of loose-leaf uprooting, as well as a fold-out maps form, where the coordinates determine the position of poems, etc.
The book bindings are also diverse and quite modern with noble materials such as leather, silk, artistic and handmade paper, using the latest bookbinding techniques. One can find original images and unique artistic compositions in some copies and graphics in others.

Gräf Marion „Liebodrom”