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Guest books, diaries and blank albums - Kurtiak & Ley

Why are hand made guest books, diaries, blank albums and chronicles so important in our lives?

How can one secure special memories and facts?

We experience great events, feelings, glorious, and beautiful moments in our lives.

It’s our treasure. We should secure it by materializing it.
That is to say it must be written down in your guest books, diaries or chronicle books and as such it becomes close to feel again each time we reach out for them. Through this written facts and thoughts history is documented and emotion is maintained which one can always go for it if need arises. These memories are magical and if not written, it disappears.

When this special facts (impressions, emotions, thoughts, dreams, events etc.) are written they leave behind a well where good feelings or thoughts can be drawn when one thirst for it. These good feelings, memories and thoughts enrich our lives, prospects, and experiences. In other words they are useful at all times especially if they are hand made and bound exclusively with natural materials by a good artist.

The importance of guest books and diaries are valued by many companies, museums, hotels, families, etc. Some of our clients are The H S B C, The Citibank, IBM, HP, Becton Dickinson, Late Pope John Paul the second and Benedict the sixteenth, Sheraton Hotels, Expo Seville and Hanover, Lions Club, Rotary Club, The Polish President, The Polish Government, The National Polish Theatre, a series of Banks, Companies and some lovers of artistic books.

We prepare these books to suit the characteristics, logos, and philosophy of the firm or individual in question.

Guest books

Guest book Sevilla (1992)


It’s time to start collecting and preserving your glorious moments, good feelings and special events etc. It’s your treasure and your future. These guest books and diaries will play a vital role in your life. Ordering your own unique copy/copies immediately, will improve your life beyond your expectations. Do it now!