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Heine Heinrich „Sonety - Sonette” - Kurtiak & Ley

Heinrich Heine,
Sonnets – Sonette

First Polish – German bibliophile edition – 333 numbered copies printed
Exclusive artistic book – unique leather binding
Hand made paper
Typographic hand printing
Translated by Tadeusz Polanowski
Illustrated by Danuta Imielska-Gebethner Introduction by Zbigniew Bieńkowski
Format: 16 x 26 cm

Heine Heinrich „Sonety - Sonette”

The book was printed with a hand set type called Nicolos Cochin at Jędrzejów printing house. It is a Polish-German edition comprising only 333 copies. The books are bound in leather, mostly brown, and the first 33 copies are unique specimens. In this edition, for the first time a series of Heine sonnets from his volume „The Book of Songs” were published in Polish. For graphical presentation we have chosen colouring equivalent to Heine’s poetics. His poetry is intelligent, slightly sarcastic and ironic, being so difficult for translation that almost impossible to translate. We saw it as light brown and lead grey colours. Illustrations emphasise its refinement and mystery. Mysterious mascarons, figures and symbols came to the illustrator intuitively. Is it possible to depict poetry or substitute it with graphics…? If that was possible, then words would be needless. The unbleached, natural colour hand-made paper, sepia and brown print as well as type of illustration chosen emphasise the atmosphere of poetry and intensify our feelings.

Heine Heinrich „Sonety - Sonette”

Heine Heinrich „Sonety - Sonette”
Heine Heinrich „Sonety - Sonette”