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Home library - Kurtiak & Ley Artistic Publishing House

A well equipped home library with luxury collections of artistic and individually designed books.

A well equipped home library with luxury collections of artistic and individually designed books. The harmonious brown colors of the book covers and the XIXth century furniture, brings out its elegance and creates a proper atmosphere for intellectual work.

How can you ensure a better future and prestige for you and your offspring?

How can we obtain knowledge rapidly to expand our wisdom?

How can you distinguish yourself from others?

Nowadays, it is not enough to have land and capital because our future is based on knowledge. Millions of people have planes, luxury houses, boats, cars etc. That is to say, if you have money it’s easy to get them.

It is known for sure that people have a great desire for knowledge and prestige, but they sometimes don’t know how to go about it. Having a well-equipped luxury library with a collection of creative artistic hand-bound books gives a fabulous impression and adds character to the interior.

Some people buy second hand books randomly with unknown origin or sources. Is it wise do so? Who knows the history of the previous users of such books? Where they clean and healthy? As a result, generally the owners don’t find them impressive. Only getting books with fresh artistic bindings can solve this. Such books, which are well printed and creatively bound, are much more useful and pleasant to use than other books. They also become more valuable and precious with time.

After some years, these collections of books develop a special metaphysical relationship with their owners. This secret metaphysical relationship is born only when these books are hand made by creative artists.

We are not compelled to read them from the first to the last page. Occasionally, at a destined time the owner can pick up one of the books and read an expression, a paragraph, a page, a chapter, or even a word, which will change his life at that particular time in a very positive way. Perhaps he might read this book only once in his life and it would play its role.

A good collection of books is just like an army waiting for the moment to serve when help is needed. Possessing a home library gives a special atmosphere, which awakes and develop our abilities. In other words, wisdom and prestige is guaranteed.

encyklopedia.jpgStanisław Lem’s Works as a unique exhibition specimen


Home library

Example of a set of modern designed books with common motifs made using inlay technique.

Home library

Leather bound set of books designed traditionally with gold printing using inlay technique.

Make your life much more meaningful. Start collecting and binding your most important and favorite books now. Enjoy your set of books and let them serve you. The earlier you do it, the faster you gain more knowledge and prestige from it.