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„Miód i kolokwinta” („Honey and Colocynth”) - Kurtiak & Ley

Honey and Colocynth

Honey and colocynth - collection of ancient Arabic poetry from the 6th and 7th century

First edition, limited edition and fine binding. Collection of ancient Arabic poetry from the 6th and 7th century.
Translated by Marek Dziekan, Barbara Wrona and Janusz Danecki
Polish – Arabic edition.
288 numbered copies printed.
Hand-binding: leather and precious stones.
Size: 21 x 17-72 cm
Copies from 1 to 10 have unique hand-made leather binding including precious stones.
Copies from 11 to 59 have unique hand-made leather binding.
Copies from 60 to 288 have a leather hand-made binding.

The old Arabic poetry is one of the greatest and oldest monument of the Arabic literature, which was created before Islam. It was past on from generation to generation in an oral tradition and it was first documented hundreds of years later. This collection of poems, which were created before Muhammad are exceptionally beautiful, full of sensuality and are unusually up to date in their forms. This edition, which is bilingual, consists of two separate printed books joined as one. This has an influence on the originality of the book.

It’s an extraordinary and luxury binding using natural edges of different types of leather. It portrays the hard natural environment of the Arabic gulf from the VI to VII century.