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Jacques Prévert „The Barrel Organ" ("L’Orgue de Barbarie") - Kurtiak & Ley

Jacques Prévert,
The Barrel Organ
(L’Orgue de Barbarie)

Translated from french language
by Halina Poświatowska
Bilingual edition
Format: 24 x 19

J. Prevert „The barrel organ (L’Orgue de Barbarie)”

The object-book „The barrel organ (L’Orgue de Barbarie)” was printed in 299 copies 39 of which are unique. The cover was made in a form of envelope from hand-made paper. The book has an original form of a concertina, with both ends glued together, having no beginning nor end. The concept of the book was based on a rondo composition of the below given slightly perverse and macabre and philosophic poem ending with the following clause „… and everything must have been started right from the beginning”.