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Luxury Gifts - Kurtiak & Ley

Why are luxury gifts so important in our live?

It helps people develop to a more advanced social and cultural level.


What we chose as presents to offer to others tells us what we are and what we think about the receiver of the present.

Luxury gifts are used to honour people; it brings people closer together and fixes relationships as well. It gives rise to a firm loyal relationship. From a good present one can obtain gratitude, pleasure and prestige. It can also show ones generosity. When exclusive artistic books are given as presents, the receivers retain memories for ages because they are quite sophisticated and solid. Other gifts such as best quality wine, cigar, sweets etc are temporary i.e. one quickly forgets about them after consumption.

What should you do if the present you got was not good enough?

Take a deep breath and order for a new one! Presents can be given at all times. If your present is good it will still be appreciated no matter the time received.

papiez-oglada-listy.jpgThe president of Polish Airlines Jan Litwiński offers the Pope a present: Letters of St. John of the Cross.It was one of our special editions designed for late pope John Paul II.

What presents should we choose to create an impression to the receiver?

People read and enjoy our books so much that they love to spend much time with them. They obtain pleasure in holding and caressing these creative books. Most clients find them so impressive that they take delight in showing these extraordinary books to their families and friends. If you want to astonish your receivers, order your books with their initials. Du kan också lägga till våra bonusar för casino med siru till gåvan och då kommer mottagaren definitivt vara nöjd!

Save your time by ordering your artistic books immediately without stress because time is needed to prepare a proper present. Go for it now!