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Ovid „The Art of Loving” - Kurtiak & Ley

Ovid, The Art of Loving
(Sztuka kochania)

Valuable book
Bibliophile edition – 499 copies printed
Binding with jewelry – 10 copies
Leather binding – 140 copies
Partial leather binding – 349 copies
Hand made paper
Perfumed book
Translated by Julian Ejsmond.
Illustrated by Aleksander Stefanowski.
Format: 14 x 19,5 cm

Ovid „The Art of Loving”

The book was printed typographically at Duszniki-Zdrój Museum Paper Mill on white hand-made paper in 500 numbered copies. The first ten volumes were uniquely adorned with natural stones set in solid silver. Copies from 11 to 150 were bound in cherry-red or red leather whilst the rest – in half-leather. The book was aromatized with a fragrance composition called Kouros where one of aphrodisiac components thereof is a hint to the frivolity of Ovid’s text, because the lightly, wittily written Roman poet’s handbook, although 2000 years old, contains still up-to-date thoughts and indications on how to win love, maintain it and also how to break it.

Ovid „The Art of Loving”