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Maria Pawlikowska–Jasnorzewska „Epitafium dla głogu (Epitaph for Hawthorn)” - Kurtiak & Ley

Maria Pawlikowska–Jasnorzewska,
Epitafium dla głogu (Epitaph for Hawthorn)

Translated by Illustrated by Włodzimierz Kukliński
Polish – German edition
288 numbered copies printed
Violet silk jacquard binding
Book perfumed with cyclamen fragrance
Format:15 x 26

The volume contains poems of Maria Pawlikowska–Jasnorzewska which Karl Dedecius considered to be the most important and the most characteristic of her work.
Włodzimierz Kukliński’s metaphoric graphics, taken out of Maria Pawlikowska–Jasnorzewska’s books, creates a harmonious complement of poetry. The graphics are deprived of illustrative literalism and they accord with Pawlikowska’s lyrics.The volume is maintained in a consequent monochromatic convention, although about five colors of paper is used in it. However all the papers are in similar pearl and violet shades as the silk binding which is specially woven for this edition. The print is violet and navy blue thus depicting the aesthetic poet’s tastes.
The pages of the books have different widths and they are perfumed with violet fragrance loved by the poetess. All long pages are repeatedly folded.
You cannot browse through this volume hastily.
You should read this book patiently in order to reveal all its charms, to celebrate the reading.

Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska „Epitafium dla głogu (Epitaph for hawthorn )”

Maria Pawlikowska–Jasnorzewska „Epitafium dla głogu (Epitaph for Hawthorn )”