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Pawlikowska Maria „Różowa magia (The Pink Magic)” - Kurtiak & Ley

Maria Pawlikowska–Jasnorzewska,
Różowa magia (The Pink Magic)

Reedition based on the original of 1924
Illustrated by Maria Pawlikowska–Jasnorzewska
525 numbered copies printed on hand made paper
Natural silk binding
Book perfumed with rose fragrance
Format: 18 x 23 cm

Pawlikowska Maria „The Rosy Magic (Różowa magia)”

In 1924 Maria published together with her beloved husband Jaś Pawlikowski a bibliophile volume of poems under a mysterious title „The Pink Magic”. The daughter and granddaughter of Kossaks possessing many talents, adorned the book with her own illustrations. That’s why we have edited „The Pink Magic” in a way resembling the original; only contemporary graphics has been applied for the re-edition. This is the only difference between our edition and the original one. It’s also been beautifully typographically printed at Jędrzejów printing house under supervision of Elżbieta Chodkiewicz-Przypkowska. We couldn’t imagine this subtle volume of poems written by a dedicated vegetarian to be bound in leather. Silk jacquard binding relates to oriental longings glimmering in the book and in that particular, almost rococo, lightness of the poetry. Only 525 copies of the book were printed on white hand-made paper. The first 25 copies have unique binding and their pages are soaked with rose-flower aroma.