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Shakespeare William – Jak wam się podoba – As You Like It - Kurtiak & Ley

William Shakespeare, As You Like ItWilliam Shakespeare As You Like It unique design collectible hand-made binding limited edition luxury


Translated by Stanislaw Baranczak.

Linocuts made by Andrzej Czeczot.

Bilingual edition: Polish -English

350 numbered copies.

Size: 31 x 42 cm (12 x 16,5 in)

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We asked Andrzej Czeczot to illustrate this brilliant and witty Shakespeare masterpiece. We received very simple graphics, perfectly intelligent, feeling the convention of Shakespearean comedy of blunders, simulated intrigue and ribaldry divested of all redundancies. Printed on hand-made paper they appeared to be so eloquent and saturated that they required only proper format of the page, sufficient margins and light in the text so that the book can be read conveniently allowing for watching the graphics full of witty allusion. The books are bound in leather and half-leather.  What is particularly rare is its original parchment with 22 carat gold ornaments.