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Why do people say our books are so magical, sophisticated and impressive?

Our creative books, which are printed in many languages, are highly demanded and may be found in many national and home libraries in the world. They are very often given as luxury presents to the close ones or to business partners. It’s our mission to prepare such books and we love to do it.

We publish a great variety of collectible books with creative, individually designed bindings to suit the taste of those who appreciate real artwork. We have gathered experience in publishing since 1989. Our rare books have luxurious fine bindings which are absolutely unique because they are made by highly skilled and talented binding professionals and artists..



Sienkiewicz, Trylogia - first edition rarebook

Sienkiewicz, Trylogia, first edition rare book (Kurtiak & Ley 1999)
An example of an innovative bookbinding technique
(shadow technique)

An ilustration of the decorative aspect of colectible artistic hand bound books.

Illustration of the decorative aspect of collectible artistic 
hand bound books

Exclusive hand bound book designing.

Hand-binding one of our books in progress

European Business Awards  2014/15

Kurtiak and Ley Artistic Publishers were in the final of the European Business Awards 2014/15 for the best European company and represented Poland as a National Public Champion.


We design, print and bind books in limited editions that are numbered and never republished. Unique and rare books rise constantly in value as time goes by. People who are opportune to possess these prestigious books are proud of them.

Our books are ideal and made to suit the epoch, interest, idea and feelings of the writer, which helps us interpret their work properly. As a result, it creates an overall picture giving a feeling of the poet or writers’ presence whilst reading their work. In addition, we use genuine and noble materials, for example leather, vellum, wood, silk, jacquard, precious metals, precious stones etc. as well as different colours and forms. These bring you closer to authors. Books made of natural materials with patience and creativity are more valuable and irresistible. They are nice to hold and give one good feelings at any given time.

We do fine printing, using special types of letters, which goes with the epoch of that piece of work.

A variety of papers are also used, especially hand made papers which can sometimes be made with special fibers, flowers or leaves. All these are related to the customs and interests of the writers or poets. Some specific books are perfumed with special fragrances.

Our artistic hand made books are designed individually and exclusively. It creates a magical relationship that makes the book more useful and friendly; contents, thoughts and ideas are better assimilated. It can also be used for interior decoration. In other words, our books are multi-purpose and very rewarding.