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Abay - Kurtiak & Ley

Abay Kunanbayev “Abay”


Writings of the most famous and important Kazakh poet, philosopher and composer, Abay Kunanbayev, collected, printed on artistic paper, leather hand-bound and published by Kurtiak & Ley Artistic Publishing House contain advice and truths addressed to the Kazakhs regarding morality, need for literacy and social development.

Abay collector's edition collectible leather binding hand-madeThe book is written in Kazakh language. The binding is designed in the spirit of Kazakh national art – rich silver ornaments, precious stones and light leather.

Collector’s edition. Size: A4.

The issue consists of 50 specimen (only one left).

Hand-binding: light leather (ecru), rich silver ornaments and precious stones.

Paper: different kinds of artistic paper, silvery tracing paper.